Dumbass Of The Decade Award
  • so i'm at my local casino backcounting the table and this player says ''YOU'RE A PRETTY GOOD BLACKJACK PLAYER'' i say thank you and he says ''NOT HARD TO DO WHEN YOU'RE BACKCOUNTING THE TABLE.''
    question: have any of you run into this particular sort of dumbass or did i run into the only one in the univerese?
  • It sounds like there's a chance this guy might have been the smart one. Lets say I'm at a table and I'm counting and betting according to the count. If there's someone backcounting and jumping in and playing very much the same as I am, that can only be okay if the backcounter is skilled at being subtle. But if its fairly obvious he's counting, which it sounds like you were, thats liable to bring some heat. And if we're playing the same because we both have the same count, that might bring heat to me even though I don't even know you. The difference here is I would just leave and not say anything, I don't want to let on to the casino I even know what counting is. So either this guy was counting, which he probably was, otherwise he wouldn't have known what you were doing, and wanted you to leave, or you made it so obvious what you were doing someone who knows little about it spotted you. Either way I don't think anyone here is a dumbass, I think you both need to work on being a little more subtle.
  • Bojack1 - Excellent points. I agree the best action would have been to "get the heck out of Dodge".......Grifter
  • i'd like to respond that i'm right and you're not,however i can't because you make sense,thanks for the enlightenment! i stand corected!

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