Best games (lowest HA) on Vegas strip right now... where?
  • Heading to Vegas this weekend. I'm an experienced player. I can't find a site that appears to have reliable updates of the current games in Vegas. I know all (or most of) the second deck games in LV are now 6:5, so I'm mostly looking for 2 deck, S17, etc. Basically the lowest House Advantage.

    Where is it? Is it still hi-limit at Caesar's? Any non-hi limit 2 deck, S17 games? I'm less concerned about comps...
  • What is a "second deck" game? When you say "experienced" do you mean you are a counter? How many hours per year do you play?
  • I'm guessing he means 2 deck... he's right in that there is no reliable site online that has current information on BJ games on the strip!
  • He can't mean double deck because he mentions 6:5 payout. He also follows that phrase talking about 2D. He had to be referring to "single deck". As far as current casino conditions, check out BJInsider. I'm NOT an experienced player by any definition and I seem to find suitable current conditions as I need them.
  • BUG:
    All the casinos are competitive businesses and they are going to change
    what they offer, so as to meet the competition. If I were you, I would
    park myself at Sam's and just look around a bit before playing. After all,
    you only have a zillion choices.
  • Ray, have you played in any casinos off the strip such as Green Valley or Sun Coast? I will be in Vegas in July and wonder if it's worth the time to check out the more non-tourist places.
  • PJ, No not lately, I usually play where I stay or some place close by.

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