Split (and resplit) 8s
  • I'm well aware of the golden rule and am probably gonna get slapped here for daring to challenge it, but does it really make sense to be splitting 8s against a dealer up card of 9 or 10? I am losing the majority of these hands (for the record I am not a counter). I'm used to breaking even with a lot of the splits and just winning one of the two hands which is fine (bonus if you win them both obviously) but this particular split usually ends in me losing them both.

    Would it not possibly be a better option to surrender 8/8 against a 9 or 10?

    Also could someone just confirm what I am right in thinking that I should always hit a 8/8 against 9-A if I get the pair again and am not allowed to resplit?

  • The reason to split 8s is not because 8 is good its because16 is bad.Split em.Alot of the time basic strat gives you the lesser of two evils.88 against a ten is not a desirable situation and you will lose money on it,but you will lose less (and win more in the good situations)if you follow the rules.
  • Swinger BS says what it says for a reason. Trust the math
  • A pair of 8's IS a loser! But splitting them is LESS a loser than standing. Sometimes they work out, sometimes they don't. As the previous poster stated, trust the math.
  • Swinger said:

    Would it not possibly be a better option to surrender 8/8 against a 9 or 10?

    Nope, you gotta split those. However, in shoe games where dealer hits soft 17, you'll wan't to surrender 8/8 against an Ace if you can. If you can't surrender it, split it. If you can't split it, then hit it.

    The statistics have already been done for you, trust them.
  • Here's a way to test your gut instincts on 8/8 against a dealer's 10. Say you're playing two spots for $25 each. First base also has a single $25 bet up. The dealer's up-card is a 10 and she checks her hole card -- no blackjack. First base has 10/6 while you have 6/2 and 5/3. First base offers to pay you $25 and switch hands completely. How do you feel about his offer?

    Here are the numbers. After adjusting for pushes, if you hit 8/8 (16) against a 10 one hundred averaged times, you win 23 and lose 77. That puts you 54 bets behind. If you split the 8's (as in playing a 5/3 and a 6/2), you'll end up winning 38 and losing 62 times on each 8. That puts you 24 bets down on each 8. So playing 16 against a 10 once is more than twice as expensive as playing 8 against a 10 twice. Hence, the cheapest way out is to create two hands of 8 each and save money as time goes by. Don't sell off your position with first base.
  • Playing 16 against a 10 ONCE is more than twice as expensive as playing 8 against a 10 ONCE. Sorry.
  • If its stand 17 AND you can surrender, surrender is the next best choice. Some folks that have been a bit lucky, and have a big bet out, might consider a "financial surrender" rather that risking a whole lot of money on a bad hand. This is not the correct play "by the book", but its one that removes variance (and stress!) from a bad situation.

    If one keeps score or varies the bets by wagering 1 or 2 units, stick to the book. Progression players with a 3 unit or more top bet might find it useful.

    For the record, Split 88 vs 10 about -47%
    Surrender is -50%
    Hit/Stand about -53%
  • Many thanks to y'all - I'm sold!

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