Ist time Comp Counting-what a rush!
  • Just back from Atlantic City where I spent two days Comp Counting at one of the casinos.Went there with the specfic intention of seeing what I could get from the casino without really earning it.Believe me,it was worth it. Ended up losing $70 for the trip but it was well worth it.Got a free room,two great dinners for two at their top dining establishments,temoporay admissions to their VIP bar and two tickets to V for Vendetta.
    Anyone who hasn't read COMP CITY by Max Rubin is really missing out on a great addition to your tools.
  • What were some of the techniques that you used?
  • Where do you buy Comp City? Thanks.

  • I bought mine from

    In a nutshell,I placed 6 red chip bets($30) right after I gave the pit boss my card. When he left I went down to $10 bets. played cat and mouse with him. When he was around,I bet $25-$30. When he was away,I bet $10.Timed my play so I was on table when they did the hard count and change of cards.Then I played a few hands before taking a ten minute bathroom break.
    That hour,I played around ten hands of $25plus bets and maybe 20 of $10 bets,but the boss put me done for an hour of $30 bets.
    Play crowded tables.
    Slow play. Ask advice to slow the game down
    Frequent bathroom breaks. At least two five or ten minute breaks an hour.
    Several smoke breaks.
    Time it so you catch the hard count/chip replacement.
    Basic idea is to fool the pit into thinking your average bet is much larger than it really is,while playing much fewer hands per hour than they think you are.
    Comp formula is bet times hours played(they assume 60 hands an hour). If you can get them to give you credit for 2X or 3X your average bet,and cut your hands per hour enough, your comp level will triple or quadruple.
    On a play of $1800 an hour,you can get about $45 in comps.Using BS,your expected loss on your real play of $400 is less than $10.Do this three or four hours a dayfor a few days and watch the comps come flowing in.

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