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  • First.....I have been to Vegas 2x in my life. I've been planning a trip with my wife, brother, his fiance, and about 6 random friends including my best. Im really pumped up about the trip.

    Now, I understood that it was absolutely stupid to play BlackJack without knowing basic strategy cold. My last trip, having realized this, I even used one of those cheat cards, and was laughed at by morons who kept accusing me of "stealing the dealers bust card." Anyway, my fury at that experience drove me to straight memorize basic strategy, which I am working on currently. I managed to find this great simulator and its helping me improve nicely.

    I am however, having problems with splitting pairs and soft hands. I basically need a simulator which will school me better in soft hands and splitting. Does anyone know of one?

    PS: i have two weeks before my trip, Im planning on getting basic strategy down so cold that I can hopefully start to layer a simple high low counting technique on top of it. Anyway, any other simulators you know of would be helpful if you could link me, otherwise, I guess im gonna go with some flash cards, lol.

  • Hi There :wink: :wink:

    I used Blackjack Mentor to learn bs you can set it to learn specifly hard hands, soft hands and pairs you can down load a shareware version at, I certainly recomend it, be lucky and take care

    Cheers :)


    (BTW I've nothing to do with the site or the authors of the software, just a happy customer )
  • yeah well, I'm not interested in paying for any software. Do you have a link to a free one?
  • Hi there :wink:

    That version is free :lol: it just resets it self every so often ( it just zeros the amount of hands you've played thats all )


  • jah, but that game seems to have screwed up pair splits.....

    example, suggests hitting on 22 vs 2,3
  • - hitting 2,2 vs 2,3 IS the correct play if you do not have DAS.
  • You could try the following:

    Under Options it lets you pick whether to practice on soft hands, hard hands, splits, or all hands.
  • I have a link here for Eric Farmers Blackjack v5.0 that will help with the practice. It has two parts, the game and the strategy. You can input several rules into the Strategy and get a text file of the game. This is very useful. PLEASE NOTE: when asked to save the file remember to add the .txt extension!
    The Game also lets you see the house/player % plays. (for example it shows that for most variations that 10-2 vs. a dealer 4 is HIT.) Seeing the % is also very useful.

    Back in strategy, you can also input a dealer up card, and your hand to see what the best play is.

    You should also set up a CASINO file with your rules by altering and renaming one of the default casinos.

    ONE CAVEAT: this program is in DOS, and may not work well under WIN_Xp. But it works great with WIN_95/98.

    Here is the link... just click on the download v5.0 link.

    Cheers, and good cards.


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