Grandmotherly Shocker
  • I was at the casino Monday playing a table with this wonderfully sweet elderly lady - think central casting stereotypical granny. Young guy comes to the table , just turned 21, never played before. Everyone was kind to him, explaining the game. He gets two face cards, wants to split them. Granny sweetly turns to him and says "Honey, if you had a 10-inch @#^%* , would you cut it in half ?" We were howling ! :)
  • funniest thing i have ever read here.well,did he proceed to split?
  • Hell no, he didn't split ! Poor guy - I think some very personal parts inverted and he's probably scarred for life. Hee hee. I so love seeing the innocent corrupted...too bad I wasn't the one verbally mauling the young pup

    Wish me luck, y'all, tournament next Saturday, and mom and I are hitting the boat tommorow. She plays slots - gag- but is a "7-star" player. We're leaving our men at home . What a truly twisted way to spend Mother's Day, but she's my mom, and I shall abide by her wishes. Not that briar patch, Brer Rabbit !

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