He took my
  • want some expert opinion.Does it make any diffrence what anybody else does?I know that some times the anchor will take the dealers bust card but wont he take the dealers good card just as often?It seems to me I should just play my hand the right way and not worry about anybody else,or am I missing somthing?
  • That is correct, the math says the actions of other players has no affect on your expections.Though at times your heart and your emotions might not always agree.
  • While you are correct in saying that the person's play doesn't hurt you,there are times when what a player does can help you. Tremendously.If you are not paying any attention to the other players,you can miss out on many opportunities.Mr Renzy points out many ways you can take advantage of weak players,and by paying attention,you might find yourself at the table with some advantage players.When you do,you parrot their betting and their deviations from BS.
    You might play a lifetime before that situation happens,but if you don't pay attention to your tablemates,it will never happen.
  • Well said... and you can buy some of the better "mistakes", too!

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