Vegas this weekend 5/5 - 5/9
  • So last minute I'm heading to Vegas this weekend. I got tanked on the airfair and hotel of course because it is so last minute, but I'll live. I'm actually going for the Tool concert but staying all weekend because...well, it's Vegas damn it. I've been before many times but it has been years and years ago, any suggestions on where to go?

    I'm a poker player and fair blackjack player though I haven't played any in almost the last ten years. I still remember BS w/out a 2nd thought about any play, and can still count down a deck w/the lvl II count I used NP. I will have a rough time remembering play according to the count, but I may simply skip that and make my bets according to the TC and call it a day. I'm not looking to do anything but pass some enjoyable time @ the bj tables and lose as little as possible (short term luck be on my side!) Anyone know of any decent games offhand? Btw, I used the Adv. Omega II count if anyone wants to know ... ['Bryce Carleson']

    What else to do in Vegas? I'm up for tips on anything, from eating to entertainment to hookers ;) Thanks in advance.

    (btw, if anyone lives in Vegas and wants to go have a drink or 5, play a game or 3 of backgammon, or anything else, just give me a shout out, here or my email is: [email][/email])

  • If the count is zero bet 3 times the minimum plus 1 4 times the minimum plus 2 5 times the minimum and so on until you get to plus 6 then pump it to ten times the minimum never take it past ten time the minimum bet. If gets to negative 1 go two times the minimum negative 2 or greater bet the minimum. And play basic stragedy as usual.

    Don't make the side bets like getting a pair or twenty those are a bad deal.
  • learningtocount, I must ask you where did you learn your betting system? Do you divide your bankroll into units? I have never heard of a successful counter bet the way you suggest. It really seems no more than a classic case of overbetting your bankroll, one of the biggest downfalls of novice counters. Its usually brought on by either impatience, or a couple of losing sessions. I don't see how you could give someone advice on how much to bet without knowing the size of their bankroll, and using minimum table limits instead of units. Blackjack is a very beatable game, unlike what you suggested in another post. But you will never really beat it playing the way you do, you're going to have to rethink your strategies and get a better understanding of how to play the advantages. Counting is the easy part, what to do with it takes time.

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