Tips on room midweek room upgrades?
  • I'm heading out to Vegas on Tuesday and we'll be checking into the Monte Carlo and checking out Saturday...

    Does anyone have any tips for gaining room upgrades at time of check in? I've heard the famed "$20" trick at check in, but never actually seen it work.

    Since it is midweek, I was gonna give it a shot with a $50 or maybe even $100 - as the upgrade would be for 4 days. We'd love to bump up to a bigger room from the standard.

    Anyone have any experience or luck with this?

    Oh well, back to the Trainer... I'd really like to "rank" at least once on there before we leave for the trip... I'm think that the people who rank are not only very very gifted blackjack players- but are also exceptionally fast with a mouse ;)

  • Hey Will, In mid December, I spent four midweek nights at the Monte Carlo. I prefaced my arrival with an introductory letter attached to an application for a $20 k credit line. Upon check-in, I asked for a room on a high floor with a strip view. They happily obliged, but that was it. I played BJ with green and black chips for an average of four hours per night. Upon my departure, I was only compd. the equivalent of $120, or about 20% of the total bill. Needless to say, I’ll probably never stay there again. The only clear attribute of the Monte Carlo is its central location on the strip. My best comp experience in LV was at the Luxor. The Luxor compd. my entire bill and invited me back for another complimentary stay. However, the Luxor doesn’t have Monte Carlo’s Tiffany location. Enjoy your trip.

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