Dealer Advantage After Shuffle?
  • I was playing 2D at a full table last week and it was amazing how many times the dealer either had a Blackjack or drew out to 21 on the first deal after the shuffle! I remember it happened five out of six times. It was so regular that the dealer began warning us to be looking out for her first deal. I have read articles that point out the dealer does have the statistical advantage on the first hand of a new shoe and it became very apparent to me this is true! Have any of you "seasoned" players experienced this as I did?
  • Strange PJ, I just played again 2 nights ago.... never experienced that before, as well as 2 nights ago nor have I ever heard of that! We'll have to see what the pros say :)
  • PJ- If you kept track of only the first hand, for 1,000 times you would find that you would be very close to the expected results. That is, you would win 47.50% and the dealer would win 52.50% (not counting pushes) Losing 5 out of 6 hands is not that unsusal and there would be times where you won 5 out of 6, on the first hand.
  • Shoot the guy that cut the cards!!! ;o)

    N&B [from the Old West]
  • Midnite, I wasn't so surprised at the dealer winning so many first deals, but she kept getting 21's. But to validate your point, I sat down at a table with a CSM once and drew to 21 on each of the first five hands. Anything can happen in BJ.
  • It's been my impression, based on nothing really, that I tend to do better on the first hand out of the shoe. That's why I never revert back to the starting bet if I'm in the middle of a progression at the shuffle.

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