Cut card method
  • I've read several posts here about the cut card method. Where you cut the deck x (usually 52?) cards from the bottom after seeing the bottom card in the shoe then you try to direct this card into your hand right after making a large bet.

    I've taken 6 decks and tried to cut exactly 52 cards off the bottom. I can get it within 2-3 cards each time, but it seems like I would never be able to get it right over 50% of the time. Not getting it right at least 50% of the time would be loosing money, assuming everytime you placed a "large bet" it was the same size.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to practice this method. Or tell us how you practiced this method to get it right? Or give any links to websites that give tips?

  • Keep practicing jasonphd, and remember you don't always have to cut 52, thats just a reference. As long as you know how many you cut, whether it be 51 or 54 thats all that matters. Usually with about 8 hours of practice you can see a high degree of accuracy. If you can consistantly be accurate within 1 card you can still play a profitable cut game. Make sure to surround your large bet that you think the card will fall on with buffer bets that equal about half of your large bet. If you are close a lot, these will help ease the blow until you get good, and quite possibly make you some money in the meantime. Also very important after you can estimate your cut accurately, you need to really be able to play your hands to steer the card to the hand you want. This takes lots of practice also to do it quickly and naturally. So keep up the practice and good luck. If you are still are having problems after lots of practice let me know maybe I can think of something to help you.

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