red 7 matrix
  • Anyone know where I can find a matrix for the red 7 count online?

    I know that for a 6 deck game I would stray from basic strategy in the following cases:

    When RC is 0 or greater:
    stand on 12 vs dealer's 3
    stand on 16 vs dealer's 10

    When RC is 2 or greater:
    take insurance
    stand on 12 vs dealer's 2
    stand on 15 vs dealer's 10
    double down on 10 vs 10

    But there have to be more cases than that, right? Anyone know where I can find these?

  • Those are the ones for Easy Red 7 and the most important ones. The rest for Advanced Red 7 are in Arnold Snyder's "Blackbelt in Blackjack", which is a great book by the way and well worth getting.
  • Take a look at
    It is Arnold's web site

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