Watched the Vegas scene from Rain Man just now, 2 things intrigued me
  • 1. He (Cruise's Character) needed to be told to DD on 10 vs 4 by his brother, when that is pretty much the right move regardless. The count would have to be like -11 not to DD in that situation. Which, now that I think about it, could definately happen. The scene was written that way on purpose I guess though, so Ray could say that there were "lots of queens left" and the dealer would subsequently bust on two of those queens.

    2. The security personnel, while viewing his play and looking for ways to tell if he is cheating, remark that "no one in the world could count down a 6 deck shoe". Which of course, can be done with a simple hi lo count that is quite effective.

    Love the movie none the less, and the Vegas trip is a great part of the movie.

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