Going to Vegas (?'s about progressive)
  • First time on the board here! I'll be going to Vegas for 5 days this month and I pretty much have BS down. I do have a couple of questions for you guys. Has anyone tried running a positive and a negative progression at the same time? I have been testing it out and it seems to be somewhat successful after about 300 hands. I have been using a 1,2,3,4,etc. on the positive and a 1,2,4,8 on the negative....stopping on the 4th loss. What do you guys think of this? Anyone have any stats or opinions? Also, how does strategy and odds change when you play at a table where dealer hits on a soft 17? My 1st trip to Vegas I lost 21 hands in a row at MGM Grand! I fully understood why all the windows will not open in hotel rooms after that experience. It was the low of all lows! I was playing perfect BS too! Anyhow, I have finally worked up the courage to go back after a year. Anyone have any favorite places to play BJ? Also, how much bankroll should I bring per unit?
  • Stardog: Looks like winnings after four wins are only half as much as your losses after four losses in a row, so I don't see much of a future to this hybred system. "Dealer hits soft 17" adds a fraction of a percentage to the house edge, so you're better off finding games where the dealer stands on any 17... try the strip instead of downtown.
    I very much approve of the 4-stop quit point... Last week I saw a player lose 14 hands in a row, after I'd quit the shoe after 4 losses in a row!
    Good luck!
  • What if I played the same progressive for negative as positive and just decide to play till I win on a negative progrssive and play till I lose on a positive progressive. What do you think the best progressive system is?

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