Pair Ace's vs. Dealer Ace
  • WHAT IS THE DAMN DEAL WITH ACE'S VS DEALER ACE!!!!! When i split it i get an mistake! But then if i don't split it i get a mistake! How the hell do i learn from this bull when the game has such a huge flaw in it? A no win situation means that it's impossible for me to learn a proper way to play which is to not split ace's vs the dealer ace unless the dealer check's the hole card for a ten.
    This is complete bull to play a whole round perfect and then making a play based off a previous mistake to take one up the tailpipe.
  • If there is a flaw in the game, send a PM directly to Neil.....He is the administrator of the site.

    By the ALWAYS split Aces....period.
  • He probably realizes that as well, Grifter, but he's saying he gets an error message when he does it either way.
  • I don't think so....start reading his post at the fourth line down.

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