Super Fun 21...
  • Had a great time playing this alone at a $10.00 table at Harrah's Rincon/San Diego, CA.,
    and for Free/Fun at : = Ultra Fast up to 420 Hands per Hour...

    Super Fun 21 is Played with 1 Deck.

    Dealer Hits Soft 17. = -0.20%

    Player may Double-Down after a Split. = +0.15%

    Player may Re-Split to up to 4 Hands, including Aces. = +0.10%

    Player may Hit and Double-Down on Split Aces. = +0.20%

    Player may Double-Down on Any number of Cards. = +0.20%

    Player may take Late Surrender on Any number of Cards,
    including Split Aces. = +0.20%

    Player may take Late Surrender after Doubling-Down,
    including Split Aces. = +0.20%

    Player Hand totaling 20 or less,consisting of 6 Cards or more,
    except after Doubling-Down, Automatically Wins. = +0.15%

    Player Hand totaling 21, consisting of 5 cards or more,
    except after Doubling-Down, pays 2 to 1. = +0.50%

    Player Blackjack always Wins. = +0.30%

    Player Blackjack in Diamonds pays 2 to 1. = +0.15%

    All other Player Blackjacks pay even Money. = -2.25%

    Super Fun 21 Percent Totals :
    -2.45% vs. +2.15% = -0.30% Player Dis-Advantage/House Edge.
  • Played this same game a few weeks ago at Hooters in Las Vegas. The game was fun, and I figured the odds wouldn't be too bad with just a single deck. Your break down proves otherwise! It was fun...had a great dealer with terrific personality...and very entertaining. The only problem was when you try to count, by the time you got a good count, you reached the end of the deck!
  • Isn't with one deck and the dealer hits a soft 17 the house edge is 0.94%, dealer stands on soft 17 then the house edge is 0.75%? If two decks are used and the dealer hits a soft 17 isn't the house edge 1.16%? This is coming from something that I read.
  • I checked wizzard of odds, CBJN, and and all three list the game, with the exact same rules as you, as having a house advantage of .94%.


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