Betting Two Spots
  • Have been reading about betting two hands when the count is very high.
    If the spot next to me is not open (has a player) but there is a spot open down the table, is it acceptable ask the dealer to bet the spot for me? Can I get up from the chair and walk around and bet the spot? How do you play it, just tell the dealer or should you get up and walk over to it?
    OR, do you just pass and wait for an open spot next to you next time the count goes high?? What are the proper table manners??:cool:
  • i would say pass until the next time. i think it would look suspicious either asking the dealer to place the bet or walking around the table to play another spot when you've been sitting at one spot playing one hand. how would you explain that to the pb? "yeah the count is high so i thought i would place some extra bets" i'm no expert, but that is my opinion.
  • sage01 - What do you do when the count goes down or negative, return to one spot? The last thing a card counter wants to do is attract attention. Jumping around the table or asking the dealer to place bets for you will attract attention. Personally, I try to blend. I would suggest you bite the bullet on this one. There will be other opportunities.
  • The vast majority of casinos will not let you bet on additonal hands that are not next to you. You can ask a player to move his bet to a different circle if it will open the one next to yours but most casinos will not let you bet, example, the first and third spot when the second spot is already being used by another player.


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