Hoyle Casino Sim
  • I have a question about the simulation I've been using, wondered if anyone else here was knowledgeable about it. In Hoyle's Casino, at the BJ tables screen, under "play options", there is a slider bar for the shuffle. It ranges from 10% to 80%. Can someone tell me exactly what that is, and how it should be set relative to Connecticut casinos? I actually hadn't noticed it before, and it was set at 10%. To experiment, I moved it to 80%, and find I'm losing more hands, unless it is my imagination.

    Any clues?

  • John: My copy of Hoyle Casino is old and I don't have a slider like yours.
    I think the slider is very likely the degee of penetration and is configured
    to allow you to adjust for different games. You can determine if this is the
    case by testing how frequently the shuffle occurs. At 10% the shuffle will
    be more often than at 80%. If this turns out to be the case, and we set
    the thing at 75%, it would fit the following: Eight deck,2 decks behind the
    cut card which is ,of course, 75% penetration. Hope this helps, but there
    are other possibilities......

  • Ray, thanks much. I figured it was connected to penetration. Your explanation makes perfect sense, thank you for the reply.


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