Need Explaination/meaning of a term
  • Hi,

    New to the area, here I mean. Just loving the BJ trainer BUT do have burning question..........

    What the heck is a "SOFT ACE"?
    I did a google search but it didn't yield an answer......SO I am sure or rather know that someone here can answer this for me.

    Thanks ahead of time,

    A :confused: ChloeCat ;)
  • Hello ChloeCat, The meaning of a soft ace, or more precisely soft hand, is any hand that you have an ace in that could be added up to two different totals. For example if you have an ace, 6, as your hand that would be a soft 17. It could also be just 7. Also any soft hand can be hit at least once without busting, although when playing basic strategy you'll find that some soft hands shouldn't be hit, and some will require doubling down on. Learning basic strategy is the first step to really playing a good game. I hope this helps and good luck.
  • Hi BoJack1,

    Hay, thanks for the quick responce! I am figuring out the game slowly and surely. It is fun to learn albeit VERY confusing at times. But that is part of the fun.
    I am chomping at the bit to play for 'real'. Do they have 50cent tables? Kidding......
    One day I will venture to the nearest reservation and try my luck.

    Again, thanks!

    ChloeCat:) :)

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