Gold Strike trip report/question
  • Thanks to the info ive learned here on this site, I had an interesting trip over the weekend to The Gold Strike.
    I arrived with a comfortable bankroll based on my expected play using wt's progression. I bought in with $100 and played a 5-12.50 progression. As it was my first trip I wasnt overly comfortable so I stuck with the 5 base unit wager. Fortunately that 100 buy in was the only time I used my own loot to buy in the rest of the weekend. Ended Fri. up about 50 bucks after about 6 hrs of play and some free grub to boot.

    Sat was up and down. I felt a bit more comfortable and stuck to the 10 tables playing wt's 10-25 prog. I got lucky early doubling my buy in within the first hour or so. After that the cards ebbed and flowed a little more than they had previously. I had some GREAT luck as it got late and I was the only one at the table. I was down to about 15 of my first 100 buy in and turned it into over 300 in ONE SHOE! Dealer was dealing fast so I had to pay attention but when it was all said in done and I had time to breath I realized what great luck I had. I was very skeptical of prog. betting of any kind but after reading posts on this site I began to allow myself to believe that BJ may be in fact a game of streaks with no hard logic backing that up. Im not fully convinced but Im getting there.

    What Id like to hear some feedback on is what I was informed by 2 of the pit boss' working fri night. Apparently Gold Strike has changed their comp policy regarding red chippers. "No matter how long you play, you wont be credited with more than 3 hrs of play." I was religious with my players card flopping it down every time I entered a new table and I was more than a bit irritated when I was told that basically half of my time at the tables fri. night were not even considered. I got my meals comped so I waited to climb the heirarchy until sat. night. Sat. night after asking the casino host "I play 20 a hand. Sell me why I should ever come back here again" he comped my sat. room. So I dropped the issue. Is this becoming casino policy?? I dont expect anything great on the vegas strip, but I did expect to have my room comped at least partially playing 15-20/hand in TUNICA. Just curious if im way off with that expectation.

    Take care
  • Newatthis: Glad my system worked for you. (Note: It doesn't ALWAYS work.)
    Truism: If you don't get the comps you expect, ASK for them, politely. If the pit boss is unresponsive, try a casino host. My hostess at Gold Strike was very helpful and generous after a bit of "smoozing."
  • Walter I have to day that I just read your book and I am ready to try it. I was going to buy the book after hearing about it on this site, but low and behold I already had it and had not read it. Don't know what I was waiting for. Anyway, I do have a question about comps. I am not a slot or VP player at all, strictly tables, can I still get comps through a host if I feel I am not getting enough from the pit bosses or do i need to feed the machines? I am by all means not a high roller, I play anywhere from red to green, depending on how the cards are falling. Any advice from anyone?
  • DIE8: Sure. I don't play the slots and only a little VP, and I get comps everywhere I play. Just be sure the pit is tracking your play. In fact, don't even start playing until the pit takes your player's card.
    Hope you enjoy the book.
  • newat,

    Not getting credited with red chip play over 3 hours doesn`t sound to me like a very good policy by the casino. Hopefully that Pit Boss didn`t know what he was talking about or maybe you didn`t understand him. I thought the casinos loved players that played longer sessions , no matter what color chips are played.

    A guy once told me that a casino wanted players to play 4 hours because they felt that was how long it would take them to get all the money , you brought to the casino.

  • Dylanfreak,

    I agree with you in fact I told the pit boss as much. I am positive that this is their "new" policy. I talked to the casino host desk as well as 3 pit managers about this.....all said the same thing. "we have a new policy....i cant say i agree with it but if your playing 24 a hand or less, you will be rated for 3 hours of play regardless of how long you are actually playing."

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