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  • I have a small issue I would like to address. It happened this weekend. My team went to Vegas friday so I thought I would go out this weekend and play a little blackjack on my own. I'm sitting at a $50 table for about 3 hours, not really much happening, hanging around even just waiting for something to run with. Then it happens, I get a monster negative nrs to shuffletrack. Cutting this beauty into play is giving me a true count of 12 for about 2 decks. As I start playing the shoe this young asian kid sits next to me trying to get my attention. I ask him whats up and he tells me he wants to play but he doesn't have enough money to bet the minimum. He tells me if he can put his chips on my bet he'll help me win because he can count cards. I kind of just laugh and tell him if he wants to bet I'll let him but he's got to shut up about the card counting. Needless to say he doesn't and he's bringing unwanted attention my way. Because of the nature of the cards I'm tracking to a straight counter it would appear I'm betting wrong and its freaking this kid out. He keeps trying to tell me how to play, what the count is, and how much to bet, he's driving me crazy. Even worse the dealer is getting annoyed. So I tell the kid thats it play your own spot, we had won enough in 5 hands for him to do so. At this point the cards are falling beautifully and he doesn't understand why so he won't shut up about it. Its so bad that I have to leave before I can fully capitalize on my shuffletrack that I waited 3 hours for, to avoid the heat that was coming. I don't know what happened to that kid after I left, but I sure hope he's not anyone that posts on this forum. My issue here is this, if you're a counter great, than count, play a smart game, and shut up. Do not cause trouble for yourself by bringing attention your way, or even someone else's. You never know who you may be sitting next to.
  • Another great player who somehow can't stake his own game.
  • :confused: Bojack1 I dont understand why would someone playing at your level let a young little s#@t whose ego is bigger than his bank roll get anywhere near you much less PLAY ON YOUR HAND?? Sounds like he was just trying to showoff that he was a newbie counter even being at the table.As you know most people do not know what they are doing when playingBJ. Hope this was a lession learned that you will never repeat in the future.
  • 30 years of counting and the thought of approaching a stranger and saying, "Hello! I am a cardcounter and will make you money", has never entered my mind. Surely a small counter (novice) with a big big ego.
    You should have blown him off before ever letting him place one chip in your circle. You could have done your thing and felt no added pressure.

  • Unfortunately everyone makes mistakes no matter what level you play at. This particular night with me not playing with my team, I was just playing for fun, something that I rarely do anymore, this kid caught me in an extremely generous mood. My mistake. The fact is when I'm playing for real with the teams bankroll there is never a situation where something like that could even come close to happening. On this night it felt more like being on vacation than real play, but the consequences could have been all too real. I feel foolish for it, but we all make mistakes, and I do consider it a lesson learned.
  • Bojack,

    I admire your honesty. Makes everything else you say even more believable.

  • Bojack-
    It's cool that you were trying to be nice to the kid.Off the subject:I think you're Semyon Dukash incognito,am I right? Best of luck-
  • Paganguy, no I am not Semyon Dukach but I do try to play very much the same style in which he played.
  • In a somewhat similar incident, I was recently at a large casino that allows "backline betting". During one particular advantage shoe, three Asian ladies swooped down as if out of the sky and began placing three separate backline bets behind each of my two hands. There was a crescendo of Asian chatter behind me. With each payoff, arms were reaching in from all directions, frantically grabbing chips. As the main player, I could've refused to let the backliners play, but wanted to be good natured and go along with the party.

    The most confusing part was, this house allows backline bettors to play the hand differently from the main player. At one point, on a round that included a double on one hand, then a split and a double on the other, it became unclear as to whose payoff chips were whose, since some backliners went with the double downs and some didn't. The Asian chatter became deafening.

    When I surrendered a 14, the dealer took half my bet and left the cards there because one of the ladies wanted to hit -- so he gave her a third card. When I made an unconventional double on a soft hand, the trio behind me just stood pat. As it turned out we all got paid -- but had I made a stiff while the dealer made a hand, they could've while I lost.
  • "could've won while I lost."
  • is that like woulda', coulda', shoulda'?
    love your book!

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