"World Series of Blackjack" on GSN
  • I watched this last night and am interested in what others thought. It's being replayed often on the Game Show Network. Here's the schedule given by Ken Smith from Blackjackinfo.com

    Times are Eastern Time:

    Episode 1: James Grosjean, Connie Desimone, Regina Guzior, Anthony Curtis, Michael Konik
    3/15 at 10pm repeating at 11pm, 1am, and 2am
    3/16 at 11pm repeating at 2am
    3/17 at 5pm
    3/18 at 9pm repeating at 12am
    3/19 at 7pm
    3/20 at 2pm
    3/21 at 5pm

    Episode 2: Joanna "Queen of Spades", Kenny Einiger, Dave Stann, Susan Pikor, MIT Mike
    3/22 at 10pm repeating at 1am
    3/23 at 11pm repeating at 2am
    3/27 at 2pm

    Episode 3:Bradley Peterson, Micky Rosa, Ashwin Patel, Bobby J, Cat Hulbert
    3/29 at 10pm repeating at 1am
    3/30 at 11pm repeating at 2am
    4/3 at 2pm

    Episode 4: Previn Mankodi, Ann Van Dyke, Stanford Wong, Nick Dillon, Jimmy Pine
    4/5 at 10pm repeating at 1am
    4/6 at 11pm repeating at 2am
    4/10 at 2pm

    Episode 5: Ken Smith, Skip Samad, Jane Gamble, Richard Munchkin, Frank DeRocco
    4/12 at 10pm repeat at 1am
    4/13 at 11pm repeat at 2am
    4/17 2pm

    The Wild Card episode will air at the following times:
    4/19 at 10pm repeating at 1am
    4/20 at 11pm repeating at 2am
    4/24 at 2pm

    The Finals will air at the following times:
    4/26 at 10pm repeating at 1am
    4/27 at 11pm repeating at 2am
    5/1 at 2pm
  • D

    Not familiar with the Game Show Network. Could you say what it is. Not sure if it is on cable in Chicago.

  • I caught Monday night's Episode 1, from Mohegan Sun, here in CT. Thought it was fascinating. Didn't know that in tournament play you can opt to play a BJ as 11, and double down. Didn't see that happen though. Most of the play was good, and I'm proud to say, from what I've learned in this forum, I was about 99% correct on the plays beforehand. Of course it was mostly all BS. There were a few plays though, that even the commentator called "bizarre". Like James Grosjean, hitting a 14 v 6, I believe Though I don't remember for sure, it was something strange like that.

    I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. How do these folks get into tournament play? One (Connie Desimone), was a housewife who has only played for three years.

    BTW, Regina Guzior, who won, is blind, and had an assist from her husband as to what the cards were, and what bets were out.

    Truly great show!

  • On another related note, one of the sponsors of the show was Golden Palace, online casino. Just for giggles I had a look at their website, and I'm wondering if anyone here is familiar with them. They have a free play version, that I'm tempted to have a look at, but I'm leery of getting entangled in some online scam crap. Anyone ever checked out this site?

  • D-Thanks for the info...
    jm-Thanks for telling me who won, Before I watched the show !! :wink:
    Don't confuse BJ Tournament play with table BJ. A bad play may indeed, just have been a bad play, or it may have been the right move to make. I once won a tournament by splitting 7-7 vs the dealers Ace. I was forced into it and was not sure if I should split or DD ? It was between me and one other player, going into the last hand.(I only had a $50 lead) She DD and made 21. I had matched her bet, so "if" I was going to win the tournament, I had to DD or split. I split the sevens and the dealer busted. You are playing against the other players in a BJ Tournament. Not unusal to see a player DD (double down) with about anything, on the last hand.(if he needed to) I saw that move several times, when I played in the Hilton's Million Dollar Tournament. I saw it more there, than I do around here. There is a lot of luck, in winning a tournament, but I think they are a lot of fun.
  • midnite said:

    jm-Thanks for telling me who won, Before I watched the show !! :wink:

    Whoops, sorry about the advance screening, hadn't thought about that. My lips are sealed on episode 2.

    midnite said:
    Don't confuse BJ Tournament play with table BJ. A bad play may indeed, just have been a bad play, or it may have been the right move to make.

    Yes, I see what you mean. Besides just trying to win, it matters big time whether the other players win or bust. I liked the idea of moving the "first wager" down the table, and the strategies that went with it.

    midnite said:
    when I played in the Hilton's Million Dollar Tournament. I saw it more there,

    So, how do people get into these tournaments?

  • Ken Smith's site, blackjackinfo.com has tournament strategy, information, and a forum. I haven't explored it and I don't know if it has good information. Would you look at it and let ua know midnite?
  • D-It is a Very good site. There is a lot of good info, for tournament players.
  • John- You asked how people get into these tournaments ? If you are talking about the Hilton's Millon Dollar Tournament, anyone that pays the $1,000 enrty fee can play in it. It pays down 19 places. You can find out about it at www.lvhilton.com
    Many casinos have small tournaments and the entry fee is usally $25 or less. Entry fee's and rules are different, so always check. The casino I go to most, is having a free entry BJ tournament next month. First place is $500 and it pays six places. Yep, if the good Lord is willing and the creek don't raise, I will be playing in it.
  • There's a good discussion of the first night at

  • D- Thanks for the tip. I hope you watched tonights show. It was very good, as to how to bet, on the last few hands.
  • I've read some tournament information, but not very thoroughly because I have some questions about this tournament. How many decks? Are some of the participants counting (I'm sure most CAN)? I only saw one play that indicated it...an observer can't keep count because some hands are edited out.
  • Progressionist- Stop with the CAPS, please. I will watch for Rosa. Also keep an eye on Cathy (Cat) Hulbert. In 1996 she was named as one of the best 7 stud players in the world (only woman on the list). She was also part of a BJ counting team, that played in US & Europe.
  • I thought the third show was the best yet. Micky Rosa was a good example of a, laid back "appear" that you don't know what you are doing, player. Everyone but the first guy out really knew how to play tournament style. I can't wait to see Wong next week. You were right Midnite, it really does come down to the last few hands.
  • yes,that was the best episode yet. funny how that seriously arrogant player was the first to go and micky rosa as you said did 'appear' to not knowing what was going on. we can all learn from that!
  • I also took an instant dislike to that Ashwin Patel and was glad to see him bust out first. If he was TWICE as good, as he thought he was, he would still have been the worst player at the table. Max had a good line when Cat missed a double down. "Cat coughed up a furball on that hand".
  • Last night's show was the best yet. It was a good example of luck vs. strategy (or art vs. science). Without giving it away for those that haven't seen it yet, it was great to see some good strategy by some good players. I know that there are a LOT of better players out there, but I imagine that a lot of them aren't interested in showing their faces on television. It may explain some of the "losers" they have in the tournament. I also guess that they had to put some characters in there to make the show more interesting. The hosts of the program dance around it, but they will not say "counting" or advantage play.
  • D- Yes, I thought it was one of the best also. There were some good examples of correct betting and betting mistakes. Also showed that even the Pro's can make a mistake in the heat of battle....
    BTW my pick to win it all is, last nights winner. It is only 30 hands, so anybody at the final table could win it.....But I liked his game the best, of the players that we have seen.
  • I wonder how many hits the winner's website received today?
  • Why doesn't any of the players ever hit when they have 10/2 v 4?

    I have seen this hand come up several times, but the players always stand. I thought it was Advanced Strategy to hit this hand.

    Any thoughts?
  • good question jm... cuz it'd obviously be strange that them being such good bj players dont notice that there is just ONE more big then baby on table to justify a hit. maybe they dont know which is utterly pathetic.
  • I'd have to figure that some scoring system employed was at a positive count. Otherwise "utterly pathetic" indeed. As far as I remember, we don't see all the rounds...counting at home may be misleading.

    Just for the record, if you always stand on 12, and never surrender, your adding about 0.1% to the house advantage for 6 deck S17. I don't have the ability to see the program, so I don't know the house rules.

    Does the house rules vary with the casino? or the round?



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