Perfect Counting Strategy
  • I know the perfect counting strategy is impossible for a human to use. No counting strategy that a human can use is 100% perfect.

    I'm trying to do some experiments and wondered if anyone knew of a book or a website that does list the absolute 100% perfect counting strategy? In other words, with exactly 2 aces, 3 ten cards, 1 two card, 3 three cards, etc, etc, it would give the exact correct play for every possible combination.
  • jasonphd-
    go to the casino,put the chips on the felt,play,play, the way Freds' book may well be the best book on blackjack ever written! but jasonphd,put the chips on the felt and play,play,play!
    good luck.
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    does anyone else have any input on this subject?
  • The tags for Thorpe's Ultimate Point count for betting efficiency are:

    A= -9, 2= +5, 3= +6, 4= +8, 5= +11, 6= +6, 7= +4, 8 = 0, 9= +3, 10= -7

    For Playing Efficiency:

    A= +51, 2= +60, 3= +85, 4= +125, 5= +169, 6= +117, 8= +43, 9= -52, 10= -180

    For Insurance Efficiency:

    A to 9= +4 10= -9

    Yielding an overall: BE 100% PE 70.3% IE 100%

    The following link might be helpful in establishing the relative Expected Values for any play:
  • Basically my question is directed to all the math jocks out there. Why do you concern yourself with the numbers to the point of placing the actual playing of the game second? Don't get me wrong, the numbers are important, but they don't mean a damn thing if you if you can't apply them to real play. Look at Edward Thorp, one of the best at figuring out odds and percentages, so good he wrote books and is considered one of the leading authorities on the game. The only problem was he was a lousy at playing the game. He even admits in interviews that with all his knowledge he still couldn't win at the game. He even got cheated by the casinos due to his being naive about actual casino play. You need to memorize basic strategy, a strong counting method, a few variations, have a nice size bankroll, and even bigger balls to have a chance at beating this game. From what I read on this forum it seems there are too many people trying to show off there math skills, than play blackjack. All the numbers and formulas have been done for you all ready. Memorize the results and get the hell out there and play. I think all the simulation stuff is cool, but too many people play there blackjack on a computer and not in the world, so although the fancy numbers may sound like strong advice, you won't pay one bill with it. I say just play the freaking game already, we're all impressed by your math skills, but all your doing is repeating whats already out there.
  • Andee said:
    ...but all your doing is repeating whats already out there.

    Well, kind of. I'd like to see where other people have generated these numbers that I'm looking for. I know they have been done tons of times before, I just can't find them...and I don't have the math skills to generate them.

    I do know basic strategy, and a counting method, and I do play in real casinos and not online. However, I have interests beyond that, which involve knowing what the exact perfect betting/playing/insurance counting method is even though it would be impossible for a human to carry it out.
  • Check Theory of blackjack by Peter griffin. Griffin like Thorp was a math guy that new the numbers but never won much.
  • blah,blah,blah,go to the casino, blah,blah,blah

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