KO/OK or Hi-Lo??
  • Which of the 2 counting strategies are stronger? I can count with Hi-Lo, im just trying to become a little quicker... and KO/OK is similar except that you dont need a true count. Anyone have any opinions?
  • JohnD - The Hi-Lo and the full KO have virtually equal performance ratings, so it is just a case of which you are going to be more comfortable with.

    From what I have read and heard, most starting counters are going with the KO because you are working from a running count and not having to make the true count conversion.

    Note: Fred Renzey's Stage III Kiss Count has about the same ratings if you want to look into that one too.
  • John,

    I'm trying to learn KO (and have the headaches to prove it!!!). I think that KO provides a .02% advantage in betting correlation over Hi-Lo. The reason I'm going with KO is there's no need to convert to true count. I figure it's enough to keep a count in your head without having to determine if there's three or four decks left and having to convert the running count. Also, if your remaining deck estimate is off, your @*%$!ed because you could have the count totally wrong and be raising your bet when you shouldn't.
  • BJ_FAn - That is why I used the words "virtually equal". They are so close that which is "stronger" will depend on which source you use.

    Then add to that you have terms like KO full, core, preferred, lite, etc. etc. to further "muddy the works". Which exact one are you using for you post??

    I will stand by my statement that they are "virtually equal".

  • Grifter - I think the core, preferred and lite refer to additional aspects of advantage play. Preferred includes altering BS based on count and recommended bet size in a Kelly Criterion variety, core is the BS alterations and counting without Kelly-esque betting and lite is just counting. I honestly don't know which is virtually equal to Hi-Lo. My guess would be lite...
    I'm sorry if it seemed like I was disagreeing with your statement of "virtually equal". I totally agree. The only difference I can see between the two methods is the conversion from running to true count.
  • BJ_Fan - I'm back, and with a couple extra dollars in my pocket after fifteen and a half hours of play.

    Sorry, my fault with the wording.....I didn't think you were disagreeing with me, I just wanted folks to be sure and know there were at least three "versions" and the ratings would be different for all.


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