• Does anyone have tips on how to get more comps for playing blackjack?

    Is it even possible to get comps while playing $5/hand?

    At the casino I plan to go to this weekend, I played poker for about 8 hours straight a few months ago and accumulated 0 points on my player's card. Anyone have tips on how to make sure you are given your points before leaving the table without being a bother to the dealer/pb?
  • mabe not playing 8 hours straight, the pb would be after you by then?
  • I'm a dealer and I will happily try to get you player points or comps all you have to do is ask. It doesn't bother me at all. You have to give your player card to the dealer and ask them to give you credit for their play.
  • Some casinos(Harrahs,for example) treat your poker play seperate from your players points.If you want a comp from playing poker,you need to make sure your time is logged in and then ask for a comp when you finish.
    Harrahs lets you build and acumilate points on other table games,but again you should ask the pb what you've gotten credit for.Some casinos, your table points expire in around 48 hours.
    In short,the rule of thumb is that there is no rule of thumb. If you want a comp,ask for it.Either you'll get it,or you'll be told you need to do X to get Y.
    Max Rubins COMP CITY is a great read,both quite enjoyable and very informative.

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