OPP Count
  • Any "current" comments on system?

    Thanks, Jim P.
  • I understand they have a pre-publication book sale currently at their site. I just love the term "pre-publication."
  • I'm afraid the numbers that have been published are way off. The strategy is very, very weak. About 1/3rd of KO. The risk is so high that it is worse than Basic Strategy for many people.
  • Where did you get your information on the numbers?
  • The first option for counting large cards with OPP amounts to an extrapolation
    based on an average distribution of large/small cards (one each for every 2.6 cards). The potential for a high risk situation can develop. For example: suppose you start the count at 6 for a six deck game with 5 players (4+dealer). Several rounds into the shoe you are at +10 running(4 extra large cards are available). The next round all players have 20 and the dealer has BJ. You count zero small cards and then subtract 5 from 10 for a total of 5(one extra small card available..-1 running). What is wrong with that? The count should be 0 with 6 extra small cards available. Now suppose at 3 decks remaining the same type of round occurs. By then, you may be betting big bucks into what is a very negative count and be worse off than a basic strategy player.

    What is wrong with the concept in general? Not enough cards/rounds before the shuffle which creates a new day, not enough cards for the distribution to average out TRUE each and every time.
  • Thanks Ray, and would this also apply to the second option...low card count?
  • jimpenn- In both methods you count the small cards that are seen. The second method applies a number value based on what cards are contained in each hand rather than the, so called, average distribution. I would say that the second method is an attempt to get around the type of problem that I've described. Does it? I don't know because I lost interest after the first attempt. I had seen enough................
  • Thanks Ray for you professional opinion...case closed.

    Enjoy your 4th...Jim

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