N&B's Progression
  • This is one I've toyed with for quite some time. Thought I'd dust it off and present it here. The average progression wager for a $10 base is $22.50. Adding about 5% for splits and doubles is $23.50. I figure a $900 wallet will cover enough. 3 sessions of $300 in chips. After runnung a few thousand hands each 6&8 decks S17 with Late Surrender, it still holds up well after 20 years... Cheers

    1) The wager is 1x,2x,3x,3x. Wallet is 90x. Bank is 30x.
    For a $10 base, bring $900, banking $300 in chips per session.

    2) The play follows the progression 1 2 3 3 1 2 3 3 UNLESS:

    A) The player wins BOTH 3x bets, the player continues to bet 3x
    until a loss occurs. The next bet will be 1x. OR

    B) The first 3x bet is a WIN, and the second 3x bet is a TIE, the TIE
    must be resolved by further play at 3x. This is due to RULE 2A above.

    C) SPLIT HANDS: a SPLIT-WIN/LOSS/TIE determined by $ outcome

    i) SPLIT-WIN: the player gains $ regardless of W/L/T hands.
    ii) SPLIT-LOSS: the player loses $ regardless of W/L/T hands.
    iii) SPLIT-PUSH: no $ gain or loss regardless of W/L/T hands.

    NOTE for splits: Only a SPLIT-WIN of the first 3x bet allows rule 2A to follow. Only a SPLIT-WIN or SPLIT-PUSH of the second 3x bet in RULE 2B allows further betting at 3x.

    D) Surrender is a loss for A5 progression purposes. You lose half.

    3) The bank is the chips NOT in the betting circle when there is a bet placed.

    A) When the bank = $600, the $10 base doubles to 20,40,60,60.
    i) Leave if bank drops back to $300.
    ii) If the bank reaches $900 leave UNLESS you're in a 3x
    streak. When the streak is over, leave.

    B) If you lose your initial $300, leave or change venue. If you lose a
    second $300, QUIT. Go home with $300. Try again some other day.

    4) An interesting play: Your first 3x hand is Ace-Ten. The dealer shows an Ace. The possibilities are:

    A) Take even $. You are guaranteed a win. If you win or tie the
    second 3x bet, you can play a 3x streak.

    B) No even $. If you push, you can't play the 3x streak at all. If you
    win, your ready for the 3x streak as in 4A above.

    C) Basic strategy says B. A player on a roll might choose A.

    5) Last but not least... play dealer STANDS soft 17 if you can find it.
    2-deck S17,DOA,DAS,LS is heaven. Avoid all H17 games w/o surrender.
    Well, 1 deck H17 is great if Blackjack pays 3:2, but use a $5 base.
    NEVER go above a $10 base.

    ALWAYS FOLLOW BASIC STRATEGY. You can use the Ace-Five scoring method to fine-tune surrender, play 3 card 16's better, Hit/Stand Ace-7 vs. dealer Ace, and 10-2 vs. 4. This will reduce the house edge 0.06% for 6 and 8 deck S17 games. There is NO effect in 4 or 5 deck CSM games.


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