on win goals & loss limits
  • You're pretty much arguing FOR Renzey's argument. What he's saying is, if you're only a basic strategy player, the odds are against you and whatever you're money management system, you will eventually be a loser.

    If, however you're a good card counter, the odds are in your favor and you will eventually be a winner. When a count goes bad, the counter knows this and in turn bets less or not at all.

    That's all he's saying.
  • My loss limit is certainly dictated by the amount of money in my pocket!
    As far as win limits, I have no win limit. I hope I'm wearing pants with extra big pockets those days!
  • The argument is that while in the short term (aka a shoe), blackjack is a dependent system, but over any decent amount of time it is not. Each shoe will be an independent event from another shoe (unless you believe in card clumping, which after reading Wong, I don't -- but even then, that's only for the period you're sitting at that table). That's half the beauty of blackjack. The dependent periods are just the right length -- just enough so that you can get in there and be able to effectively track them. Much shorter, and favorable swings wouldn't last long enough or occur often enough to be able to take advantage of them. Much longer, and it would become harder and time-consuming to track.

    Renzey is just saying (I believe) that if you play blackjack more than just casually, it's effectively an independent system with regards to your overall money flow. In the short term it is dependent, but who's going to learn to count and then only play two shoes?

    That said, I take in how much I'm willing to lose, and my upper limit is time. Makes it simple. No need to keep close track of all my chips, which means I can have more fun instead of continually re-assessing my position.
  • If it makes you feel better, you can think of each and every hand as a
    BJ session. This concept is just as valid as trying to divorce one session
    from another or one week from another. There must be 100 post or more
    to this forum trying to do just that and none of them are valid...Zero

    No matter how you cut it, trying to "time", program, more like out guess,
    the unknow is fools gold................

    P.S. I'm in Denver and getting ready to go play at Blackhawk. There is a
    five dollar limit, so you can only increase your bet by playing more hands.
    You could even play a side-ways progression. Just add more hands if you
    go for 5-10-20,etc. The same thing with a bet spread. Strange to say the
    least. I'll let you know how much I lose because anything that crazy can't
    be a winner.
  • Won a big total of 50 bucks at Blackhawk, but it took 8 hours to do it.
    I recommend Vail winter or summer, but bring a pocket full of money.
    A ham and cheese at a deli cost me nine bucks...Coke was another
    2 bucks.

    But I'm having fun................looks like the board is going strong

  • I thought this article about "The Master" would help you understand loss limits. www.laweekly.com/ink/03/26/features-kaplan.php


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