Is it possible to subconsciously count?
  • I have been playing blackjack since I was young on a computer programme that my father had.

    I absolutely love numbers and maths etc. what I want to know, is whether it is possible to subconsciously count? The reason I ask this is that I have been invited by the casino the last three weeks in a row by a friend who watched me clean out a whole table of poker players. I have been playing blackjack the last three weeks, and made about $200.00 playing $5.00 games.

    I do not know how to count, and generally speaking will not conform to the standard hit or stand practices if I have a funny feeling, and more often than not it's right... this is weird to me since most of the time you are supposed to lose, correct?
  • Correct you are supposed to lose but short term anything can and will happen. You hit a lucky streak thats all.If your into numbers beginning learning basic stradigy get it down and you might find how interesting this game can be.As far as subconsciously counting check with a mystic or witchdoctor on that point.LOL

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