Florida cruise casinos
  • Has anyone tried the Florida cruise/gambling casinos? I'm going to be in the area and was thinking of trying out Sterling in Cape Canaveral for a night. I'll be in the Orlando area and this looks to be about an hour or so drive away.


    Any info would be great, thanks!
  • Slimeo - Walter Thomason, a member of this Forum, probably knows more about FL cruise ships than anyone. You might send him a PM or e-mail.......Grifter
  • slimeo: I've heard nice things about Sterling, but I've never sailed on her. New ship: the largest gambling ship in Florida, good food. Lousy game for card counters, though. Give us a report when you return.
    Good luck!
  • WT: is it lousy due to penetration, table rules, or both?
  • Lousy pen, and very wary of counters... easy to get "uninvited" to sail. Rules are OK -- Las Vegas Strip rules and lots of tables.
  • Check out www.sterlingcasinolines.com for more info.

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