Uhhhhhmmmm.......maybe this was already tlked about, dunno.
  • My friends are talking about some "Gregorian strategy for multi decks" and are telling me that the book says you can get a 1% edge w/ out counting cards using Gregorian Basic Strategy or as I call it Gregorian Bull Sh#$, for short-- :D ok thats not short,but it is if you don't care to read the book...heh.

    Anyways, I have been looking around the Net for anyone who has ran it through a sim.....but all they say is how bad the book reads and that the author is a prick. Well that doesn't help!
  • Do a search on-gregorian strategy- Read the thread by colin563 11/26/03.

    Renzey has a nice review.....
    otherwise accept the fact that BS is BS

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