Nice Trip II
  • Just returned from another pleasurable trip up at The Turning Stone. Its not a casino we can hit often because larger play kind of stands out, but it is custom made for the type of advantage methods we use. The cut game as I stated a few months back still works fantastic there. But even better was the shuffletracking. Due to the one pass shuffle and the high negative count swings of an 8 deck shoe, this is a perfect place for the novice shuffletracker to get his feet wet, or the expert to make a great hit. We found consistent negative tracks of -15 to -25, even as high as -32! Which you may or may not know, when something like that is knowingly cut into play on the following shoe, it leads to a very rich amount of high cards to play with and an incredible advantage. The great thing about this is your large bets are coming in seemingly very negative counts so this play is virtually impossible to detect as card counting. Proof being as I said earlier table max at these prime target tables was low, only $500. We were regularly maxing them out with 2 and 3 hands. The pit was going crazy. At first they were happy for our wins, but it didn't take long for them to get irritated and suspicious. But they had nothing on us. Even one dealer warned me that the pit was watching my play closely. That was fine, as long as we kept our heads, all they could tell was we were some of the luckiest sob's they've ever seen, but were doing nothing that would warrant being kicked out. My point being as it gets harder to be a successful counter due to the measures taken by the casinos nowadays, you need to find ways to keep your advantage. Regardless what anyone says, counting is the best and most reliable way to get an advantage on the house. But to be really successful, you need to be more aware of just adding and subtracting 1. Just as doing that gives information on how to play that shoe, don't just forget that info, use it for an even greater advantage on the next shoe. Shuffletracking might not be for everybody, but if you're an excellent counter with a good perception of deck sizing, you might want to give it a try. When mastered this method will open up opportunities you thought never existed. Its not easy, and it can't be used to its full potential in every circumstance, but when you get the chance its a powerful method. Good luck to any who try it, any questions I'll help the best I can.
  • BoJack:

    Thanks for posting! Last year I remember you posted something on shuffle tracking/ the cut game and I was really interested. However, I really didn't understand the post too well being that shuffle tracking is very new to me. I got lost on one of the steps plus I had difficulty picturing exactly what you were describing.

    Does it work on any game (2D,6D, and 8D)?

    I really think highly of you in offering a helping hand and I would really really like to take you up on your offer for help on this. I totally agree with all you are saying and am eager to learn this... especially if it will give me an edge in playing in Atlantic City which is the only gambling I have near me. Otherwise I would also like to learn it to use in Vegas when I go once/twice a year aswell.

    I feel very confident with the counting method I use and feel that taking it to another level with adding shuffle tracking/ the cut game to my skills would be a great help.

    Please do private message me about this when ever you get a chance.

    Thanx again for posting!
  • I was at the Turning Stone this past weekend and did quite well myself. I saw this very lucky man playing and winning lots of money. He was so lucky I followed him from table to table as he moved around a lot. I'm wondering if that lucky man was you bojack, if it was thank you. I don't count and my basic strategy isn't perfect and my usual bets are between 10 and 40 dollars. On Saturday while following Mr. lucky I was betting as much as 100 dollars, and winning. I won over 1200 dollars that day more than double of what I ever won before. I have been reading this forum for at least a year now and never thought to post my own message, but this situation seems so coincidental that I just had to ask if it was you. I understand if you want to stay unidentified, I just want to say thank you again if it was you. I have been going there about every other month for the last 6 years and have never seen anything like it. I'm too old and set in my ways to start learning your way of playing, but rest assured if I see that fella up there again I'll be right behind him.

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