Is this betting ramp decent?
  • Is the Blackjack betting ramp on
    a decent way to increase your bets &, if so, up to how many decks will this strategy be potent for?
  • Joe:

    Fiirst off, their special counting method is just the hi-low system that has been effective forever.
    Their betting system will not get you the money because their spread is too weak. They do not say (or I missed it) if they are talking single, double or shoe game. They do not say if the dealer stays or hits soft 17 and their basic strategy is almost correct. Since they do say surrender is allowed and most games with surrender are shoes, a spread like that will perhaps cut into the house edge but not give you an edge. 4-1 spread, at the correct times without a progression will work on a good single deck game, it might get you even with the house or slightly ahead on a good double deck game and you will still be behind on a good shoe game. Most books say 12-1, many players play at 10-1, but the point is that at 4-1 you are missing every chance you get to take full advantage of the count.
    They also do not offer you much in the way of indices which provide 20% or so of your profit with a proper counting strategy.
    What it is though is a way that someone just learning might play around with and then build on by reading some advanced books after getting their feet wet.
    Why most counters land up losing counters:
    Failure to play only good games
    Failure to put out the big bets when called for even when they are kicking your butt.*******
    Failure to understand risk or ruin.

  • No, its not. A quick inspection reveals that you would bet 4 chips even if the TC was/is +1... that is not correct, and can get you into financial trouble quickly. I also notice the "LOSE AND NEGATIVE" phrase, that would also cause the bettor to wager 4 units if the count were ZERO!!!

    Personally, I wouldn't bet 2 until +2, and 4 at +3 or 4 depending on rules. JM2c

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