i need to meet
  • HI EVERYBODY!!! so i'm not really all that new...
    i've been here for like sixth months and it's
    getting boring. i need to meet some new people.
  • Why not make use of your twiddling thumbs and reply to posts?
    Get ye self a good gambling book and wait by hitorstand for posts?

    I myself am filling in my time of bordom by learning to play Video Poker.
    Some thing i never knew was that Video Poker can be offered at FULL PAY ( you get your money back in the long run ) & more than full pay....ie you have the edge and the CASINO DOESN'T CARE! Edge + Machine (that deals as fast as you can play) = faster profits.
    Of course, to get the edge you have to play perfectly!

    SO i have purchased the following books:

    Video Poker Optimum Play - Dan Paymar
    Professional Video Poker - Stanford Wong(didn't know he wrote a poker book)
    Winning Strategies for Video Poker - Lenny Frome

    And two other good ones are: (but buy the ones above this line first)

    The Video Poker Answer Book: How to Attack Variations on a Casino Favorite - John Grochowski

    How To Gamble At The Casinos Without Getting Plucked Like A Chicken
    -James Harrison Ford
  • For the price of 1 or 2 VP books you can play next to perfect video poker!

    What a God send for those of us who like to learn as we go instead of reading through endless VP charts and strategies.


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