Playing in difficult mode
  • This game is much harder in difficult mode because the hands are little less obvious like when you have a soft hand vs. a 2 usually stay only double with 3,4,5,6. A lot of times it will say that there is no generally rule for doubling soft hands. Plus you only have 4 seconds to make a decision. Once you can master diffficult mode you will be a really good player!!! Do it 3 or 4 times with no mistakes and then you will be ready to go on to learning card counting. To start just count fives!!!
  • I was playing difficult mode and usually I get a lot of tough decisions but I just played it 4 or 5 times and was getting really easy decisions. I got a pair of aces at least 10 times in a 100 hands that I played!!! Way way more than average plus aces are the easiest pairs to play you split them thats it!
  • When I do that it doesn't come up and say always hit it it says that there is no general rule so why can't it be correct if I do it. I wish they would give you more hands that don't have always do this like aces and 8's you always split them. What is harder to play is 7's and 9's when you only sometimes split them! If you look at the basic stragedy charts in Blackjack as a business you see variations from single deck and a shoe game. The hit or stand game leans toward the shoe rules!
  • hi learning-
    suggestion:get Fred Renzeys' Blackjack Bluebook II-you sound like a guy who wants to become a serious player-this book,(available on this website) can only be a great help to you.
    best of luck-

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