Yah, count if you can!

    So, I designed and tested a counting strategy that tells you who is in a low card trend. Obviously if the dealer is in a low card trend, you then must be in a high card trend.

    The first card dealt is the dealers card: the second is the players, the third is the dealers, the fourth is the players ---> etc.

    You count in a back and forth motion!
    2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 are + 1. A is -1.

    This side is the DEALER <---> This side is the player.

    So the cards are dealt in this order: 2-J-3-T (Dealer-Player-Dealer-Player).
    You count like this: (ONE,ZERO)-(ONE,ZERO)-(TWO,ZERO)-(TWO,ZERO)
    You stand w/ 20 and dealer hits his 2-3: The next card is the dealers and he draws a KING & the score is now TWO,ZERO. Dealer has 15 and hits again: the NEXT CARD is the PLAYERS: the dealer draws a 4 & the new count is ONE-ZERO ( same thing as TWO-ONE ).

    Now, not only does this tell you that the dealer is in a low card trend (albiet a weak one...ATM) but it also tells you that there is ONE more high card than low cards.

    So it accomplishes TWO things at the same time...FIRST it tells you what the composition of the deck looks like, & SECOND it tells you who the unlucky bas#$rd is who is in a low card trend...ie who is likly at a disadvantage!

    The hard part is adding your cards, betting, AND then REMEMBERING if the next card is the dealers or players card!
    I believe that this can be played w/ more than one player at the table (if cards are face up) but, it would make things alot more difficult.

    UNDERSTANDING YOUR COUNT: While it is true that, no matter who is in the low card streak, the count will be positive. If YOU have the low card streak, although there are more high cards than low cards, the count is NEGATIVE! Why? Because what do you expect in a negative count? More low cards than high cards! Also, as you will notice, the count is LESS than ZERO only when too many ACES come out at once, which is a bad thing for your future betting, but I didn't have to tell you that. Should the count be less than ZERO, you count up from the neg. amount to ZERO then count as normal. The reason for this is that, if too many aces come out at once, you want the dealer to have a stronger low card streak to make up for your reduced chance of getting a blackjack.

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