What Kind of Fool Am I ?
  • Check out this link at yahoo... this guy's gonna bet it ALL on a roulette spin (HA 5.26% american, 2.63% european) !

    Geez, BJ in europe can't be much worse than 0.75% HA.... but what a sport!


    oddly enough,

  • May be he should get a hold of the equipment that theses guys were using:
    London Casino Scammed With Laser Equipped Mobile Phones! :shock:
    Now if only these guys could work on such a thing to discover the flaw in a six pack of card using their Laser Equipped Mobile Phones we'd be laughing!!! :lol:

  • Article on CNN also.....Is this the "Brit" that sold everything he had
    and is going for broke in LV.....If not we have two nuts out there.
    It could be a staged event for a future TV show...anymore I don't
    believe anything...........................
  • yes it is... one and the same nut.

  • There are 36 numbers on a roulette
    table, plus the O & OO.
    There are 18 red numbers and 18 black numbers, so his odds of winning that bet are 18/38 or 47.36%. Now if he were to bet 5,000 on each of 20 numbers (if they would let him) he would have odds of 20/38 or 52.63% of winning that bet. The rub is, he would risk $100,000 to win $80,000. $5,000 x 35 = $175,000, plus your $5,000 bet = +$180,000.
    What would you do if you were going to only make ONE bet ?
    Buck the odds for a full 100 % return or take the 53.62 % odds and try to win the $80,000. Of course he sould try and find a wheel with only a single O, but if he did find one, they probably wouldn't take his bet ?
  • He's only got 75,000, and he's lost a grand or two so far. I might try 17 spots @ $4000 each for $68 grand. and shoot for $144,000. The 18th bet is 0 00 at 17 to 1 to break even, or on 0 if euro-version to still make $144,000.

    Any one remember 007's bet of Col 1&2 for 100,000 Fr. ?

  • That is 75,000 pounds or $138,000 in U.S. dollars, minus his losses. He may be nuts, but it will be interesting to see how he comes out.
  • He won, but: Why such pomp, why a tux, why so much attention given?
    The double or nothing is small change compared to what this Guy is after
    and will more than likely get.............

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