Question for Fred Renzey
  • July 14, 2003 (7/11) you wrote an article in Casino City Times "Most Players Don't Know Odds"

    18 no tens dealt and you have 8/4...8/3...against dealer 2. I hope you remember this article.

    You never said in the article how you would play your two hands. How would you of played them?


  • I've read every article you wrote in Casino City Times from 1999-2006 and this is the only article you did not answer how it should be played. By the way, you certainly have a silver tongue with words and really enjoyed Blackjack Bluebook II.

    Best, Jim
  • Jim -- I pulled up the article you mentioned and for the record, you should still hit the 12 and double on the 11 against the dealer's deuce. With over 5.5 decks still left in the shoe, even 18 cards with no 10's (all A's thru 9's) isn't enough to make standing on 12 vs. 2 a correct play.

    The whole gist of that article however, was to illustrate with an exaggerated example that you should never assume the next card out will be a 10 by standing on your 12 to "save" the impending 10 for your 11. It's just as likely that the next two cards will come out 5/10 as 10/5. I've seen so many players shoot themselves in the foot by breaking basic strategy just to "save the 10" for where they need it that I thought it deserved an article of its own.
  • Fred, thanks for your response. I sure would like to have a chair at this table now.

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