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  • Progressions do not work, I am aware of this but I have a question about it anyway.

    When the count, whether it be the RC or TC, hovers around 0 for any extended period of time, what sort of progression do you use when you want to...

    a) use camo

    b) cover a proper spread

    c) try to make some cash

    or Im sure that all 3 should be taken into consideration.

    Or, would you prefer to not call this a progression at all? Would you prefer to just call this a spread?

    I hope this question make sense. I figure that if youre flat-betting during the 0 hovering periods, and pressing and pinching during variations of the count, unless you throw in some serious camo, youre gonna get heat. So you have to play and act like youre just using a progression, and also throw in some other camo once in a while.

    any thoughts?
  • one simple thing you can do is just double your bet after a win.two things it does is make you look like a (normal) player just chasing a win. Also if the count goes in your favor you are in a position to get more money on the table. Have found it effective for me.

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