Trip Report
  • Two sessions to report. The first one was @ The Greektown casino in Detroit on Wed.. The table rules were OK (6 deck, CSM, dealer stands on soft 17) and quite easy to get on a $10 table(5PM). Played Walters progression and ended up losing 10 units. Never won more than two in a row and it felt like 1/3 of the hands were hard 16's. Only had a limited amount of time to play(~ 1 hour. Had to get to the hockey game).

    Played Fri. @ Soaring Eagle In Mt. Pleasant MI. Two different games there with a 5 deck CSM game all the time and a 6 deck shoe game started around 7 PM. $5 and $10 minimum depending on the time. Played Walter's progression here too. ~ 4 hours at the tables with a total of +8 units. Thanks Walter. Lot's of fun.

    Which leads me to my poll question.
  • Happy Easter everyone. MI Dave, you got to see a great hockey game on Wednesday. We may even get to be proud of the Tigers this year (at least not embarrassed). If you play at Motor City casino, you can get a free shuttle to any Detroit game. How crowded were things with Windsor casino on strike? My progression vote is "it doesn't matter"...but what do I know, I am a rookie and ALWAYS listen to the mavens on this forum.
  • D - The crowd at Greektown was mostly red and white and I did not have any trouble finding a seat, although the slots were fairly packed. I only played before the game so I don't know busy it was after. I parked in the ramp, got my ticket validated at the casino, and took the people mover to JLA. Thanks for the tip about the Motor City Casino. May try that next time IF I am able to get a ticket. I am not yet sold on our tigers although 3 - 1 beats last years start(Wasn't it 0-9?).
  • Michigan, STAY ON TOPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a BLACKJACK forum not a hockey chatroom. :twisted: :roll: :roll: :twisted: :twisted:
  • Michigan Dave- Thanks for the trip reports. Sounds like you had fun.
  • I've walked into the casino many times with just $200.00, played Walters' progression($5.00 min bet) and left with $100.00 profit in 40 minutes flat.
    I'd liked to have played longer but my rule is leave when my bank is increased 50%
  • Prog: I'm a bit concerned about your preceeding post... If you're willing to lose a $200 bank but can never win more than $100 with this bank, then I think you have no real chance of coming out ahead in the long run. Unless you're very lucky (as I have been) you should expect to have more losing sessions than winning sessions. If you limit your potential wins, you're taking away the only possibility of offsetting losses. Over the years I've had winning sessions that were 10 to 20 times my session bankroll, and these rare events have kept me in the black.
    Think about it...
  • Hi Walter-
    Thank you for the advice. "Blackjack For The Clueless" was the very first blackjack book i ever read and I live by "21st Century Blackjack."

    Thank you for making me rethink how I'm going to play in the future!
    As always i feel indebted to you. Best wishes

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