Has anyone here ever purchased Casino V
  • Has anyone here ever purchased Casino V
  • It is very highly regarded by many people I consider to be much better players than myself,some of whom are career APs.
  • I have CVBJ it is great for increasing your skill I would definitely recommend it.
  • Very addictive. After a couple months practice you will be able to keep up with the fastest dealer in Vegas with no problem, as well as act like a regular gambler. I was at a store downtown last Memorial day and had the pit boss chatting up a storm with me. I had no problem keeping the count. My wife is a proggresionist who incorporates pseudo shuffle tracking.(She watches where a slug of high cards goes during play and is able to nail it after the shuffle) Got her to the point where BS is second nature. If your just starting out get the lite version, it will get you up to speed in no time. Then you can decide whether this is religeon or a profitable passtime.
    Good Luck

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