• Anybody ever run across this before -- blackjack where the dealer deals both of his cards face up. I stumbled across it on a cruise ship recently. There were, of course, some concessions to seeing both dealer cards -- rule changes where BJ paid even money, pushes (except BJs) went to the dealer, you could only double on 9-10-11, and maybe one more I can't remember.
    Figured it had to be a sucker game, but couldn't resist investing $50 on a $10 table to find out. That buy-in was gone in a eye blink.
    Maybe the strangest thing is being dealt two face cards and saying "hit me" because the dealer also has 20 (and would win the push).
    Just wondering if anybody else has played it. They also had something called "Fun 21" which also had some strange rules, but I didn't try it.
    Any of the math whizzes here care to compute what the different rules and knowing the dealers' face cards would do to the house edge?
  • You can find what you are looking for here :


    (rules, basic strategy cards, ect.)

    Hope this helps

  • Does not sound like a game I would want to play.
  • Its a house game,and has a huge edge for the house.
  • This variation of Double Exposure can't be beaten even with the correct strategy and CC for the game. It can be beaten if they allow you double on any two cards though.

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