Old dog, new tricks
  • I have to share what is now my favorite casino story.

    I have never been a big fan of so called advantage play. And as most on this board know I called out supposedly one of the better players of it in Bojack. He did message me that he couldn't make it to the casino I go to over the weekend, but if I could change it to a different day he'd be there. He also asked for a way to recognize me, and said he would approach me once he found me. Fair enough.
    I get to the casino wednesday around at the agreed time of 10am. I go to a $10 table and buy in for $300 and start playing. At 11:00 still no Bojack and I lost $100 dollars already, I am not happy. About a half hour later this fella sits next to me and buys in for $500 in green. He's betting fairly heavy and playing rather stupidly and by 12:00 he's buying in for another $500. At this point his play has caused 2 people to leave the table, and the 1 remaining besides me is constantly getting on him. But Mr. green chipper just smiles and says sorry alot. He's a likeable enough guy and I really feel sorry for him for foolishly blowing his money away. Funny thing though, he's about halfway through his second buy in and he starts winning. In 1 shoe he gets all his money back plus a few hundred. The next shoe the same thing, except now the guy is up a few thousand. His good luck is even effecting us and we start playing his hunches because he's so lucky. At about 2:00 I realize there's no Bojack to be found, But instead of being mad at that chickens**t for not showing, I'm happy as hell because I'm up over $1000 for the day. At this point Mr. green chips colors in over 5 grand. I tell him he should go home now because luck like that doesn't come around much. He leaves and 5 minutes later a cocktail waitress brings me a coffee and a note she said one of my friends gave her. It says " I had a great time playing with you, hope you enjoyed the advantage. I wish you continued good luck. Bojack"

    I'm still stunned, and I still can't explain it. I dont know the ryme or reason to his play, but I did see something unbelievable first hand. If what you were doing is some kind of advantage play, my hats off to you buddy you seem to be right about it. But I would really like an explanation for the strange way in which you play. Anyway I apologize for the coarse words in the past, and thank you for a great experience. 36 years playing this game, and this old dog might just rethink a few things about it.
  • I do not know Bojack or know him by that name but there is a huge difference between the play of a novice counter who read a book or two and a true pro.
    If good advantage players have no problem fooling a Mindplay computer, then you should understand that fooling you or the pit is generally easier.

  • Aceten theres really nothing strange about the way I play. Its basically everything I've talked about in the past. Its counting with some shuffletracking and even some sequencing when the opportunity arises. The only time I vary from basic strategy is when the count calls for it. Or in some cases like you noticed, when I want people to leave a table that I've been setting up a really high percentage advantage shuffletrack, I will do some blatantly stupid plays just to infuriate people so they leave, leaving more opportunity for the cards to land in my hand, or in this case your hand also. I will only make those wrong plays though if the advantage I'm seeking far outweighs the negative variance of playing wrong. Fortunately it usually only takes hitting 14 against a 6 about 2 times before these experts will leave the table. Well I do hope you do rethink your stance on advantage play, but if not at the very least I hope you won't condemn those that choose to play that way. It really was fun playing up there maybe I'll see you again. Good Luck.
  • Wow what a story... loved it.
  • that is an amazing story. It isnt just the money. To be able to develop that kind of skill and use it in the casino would be tremendous. Bojack carries himself very well on the threads I have read of him, and I believed before I read this that he is a true professional. This only confirms it. We are fortunate to have him share his knowledge with us 'newbies'. And thankyou for sharing your experience. Good luck !
  • Great story! If I can learn something from it that would be not to judge someone by their "misplays".
  • Great story. Good skill, low-profile. The best way to go in a game. I can relate to the style Bojack used to set the shoe and get the table as I do such sometimes.

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