Bug in game?
  • I split 2's. First hand: 2,4,6 (12) then I hit and got a "correct" signal. Second hand: 2,10 (12) then I hit and got an "incorrect" signal.

    Are these really supposed to be handled differently or is this a bug?
  • Hi Hak-
    If your hand totals 12 (2 or more cards) basic strategy dictates that you take one hit and one hit only if the dealers' upcard is a 2 or 3. This is the exception to the rule that states never hit your stiff hand against the dealers' stiff upcard. Hope this helps.
  • now tell me...y did the game tell me i had 19 or over when i was holding two aces and a 7?
  • if you had a 7 and 2 aces, one ace is 11 the other is a 1. so 11+7+1=19

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