Why Blackjack?
  • Please go easy on me. I'm brand new to all this. I plan to read the entire forum when I have time but one question is haunting me. It seems from what I've read thus far that a person playing basic strategy blackjack has a little less than 50% chance of winning. Why not just use a progressive betting method on roulette (which would also be a 50% chance of winning if placed on the same color) without having a basic stategy to worry about?
    Also, it seems that alot of post are people saying that you will eventually lose at blackjack no matter what you do. So why such interest? If it is just for the love of the game, then why not just play a free version online?
  • The House Advantage is among the lowest a casino offers. I think craps with 10x odds is a shade better. Blackjack is NOT a new "throw of the dice" until the shoe is complete. The previous cards played influence the amount of remaining cards ( for example there may be an excess of 4's, and a shortage of 7's and 9's). Think of it as playing many hands before starting over. Craps, on the other hand is a game where EVERY throw of the dice is not affected by the last throw ( there is still the exact same chance of throwing a 4 or 7 or 9 for example). Thus, the two games are by nature different.

    With all that said, there is still a probability that you will lose a Blackjack hand even if many good cards remain. Thus winning isn't as easy as simply having an excess of good cards.
  • Roulette - with both 0 and 00 - has a house edge of 5.26%, its not a 50/50 game. This applies to whether you play red/black, odd/even, 1-18/19-36. Those little 'nothings' WILL bite you in the butt! Additionally, I cant spout stats on this right now, but I'm quite sure you will lose more times in a row in roulette much more often than you would in BJ. This makes any negative progression in roulette very very unappealing.

    Statistically speaking, all the experts say that you will lose at ALL games. Ever go to Las Vegas, aka, Lost Wages? Its there for a reason. Still, I enjoy it.
  • There is probably some psychology involved in the reasons we throw money on the felt. The casinos surely know how to manipulate our senses and desires with sounds, colors, lights, and such. I don't play roulette and craps either, but here is my guess as to why blackjack: It does require an amount of SKILL to be successful. You have to PRACTICE and LEARN strategies to even have a chance of expecting to win occasionally. I get a thrill out of beating the house at their own game! They lure me into their territory and hope I will be the next casualty. Sometimes I walk away bruised and scarred, but there were enough victories to keep me coming back.

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