dealer blackjack
  • why the hell does the dealer let you play out your hands when hes got a blackjack?! it pisses me of when i draw a bunch of cards and he flips that Ace or face over.
  • No-peek under an ace gives a house edge of .01% while no-peek under a 10 give a .1% house advantage. Simply put, they are doing this to take more of your money! You are encouraged to split or double down if you have the opportunity and lose more than your original bet not knowing that they have BJ. Not only that - but I may be wrong on this - they will typically not pay any BJ until they flip and see if they have BJ or not, thus, you cannot even take insurance (even-money) if you ever wanted to. IMHO, avoid these tables.
  • Not so, slimeo.

    In casinos (in Nevada, at least) in which dealers do not peek under aces, the second hand resulting from a split, or the amount of a double-down is returned to you if the dealer has blackjack. The house does not win more.

    The reason some casinos don't allow their dealers to peek under aces is to prevent accidental (or intentional!) flashing of the hole card to a player, either at the table (1st or 3rd base) or across the pit.

    The house is not increasing its advantage, although it's annoying to players and slows the game.

    Michael, Professor of Chipology

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