????? Dealer Tells?????
  • Hello All-
    question-if I can pick up a dealer tell when the dealer looks under his 10 upcard to check for an Ace how much is that worth to me? I mean if I get pretty good at figuring if a particular dealers tell says to me his hand is stiff or pat and I stand or hit accordingly is that capability as valuable say as counting cards in itself?
    Thanks,and good luck to all!
  • Obviously,it's very valuable,except very few dealers look at their cards.These days,all they are looking for is to see if they have a BJ.They can tell if the card is an Ace,if they are showing a Ten,or a Ten if they are showing an Ace.Other than that they are clueless.A dealer checking for an Ace doesn't know if the card is a Two or a King,all he knows is it's not an Ace,or it is.
    Now,if you are playing in a casino where the dealer auctually looks at his cards,thats a horse of another color.
  • O.K., let's assume the dealer does look at his down card-if I can get an accurate "tell" what kind of advantage should I expect?
  • I'm not a mathlete,nor do I have any idea if you could quantify it anyway,but it would be pretty big.

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