A new Blackjack tournaments site will be launched at 09/06
  • Hey there Blackjack Buffs! It’s “Daniel” here, coming to you from www.Get21.com . I just want to fill you in on the latest thing in online gaming. It’s none other than the highly anticipated Multiplayer Blackjack Tournaments at www.Get21.com due to launch in September 2006. For the first time ever you can go head to head with other players for high stakes and fat jackpots! www.Get21.com is the first website to bring you, the blackjack enthusiast, a fully patented, advanced multiplayer tournament application which runs tournaments, nonstop, around the clock. Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-packed excitement of a real blackjack challenge, anytime of day with players from all over this wonderful planet, (except maybe China). www.Get21.com will feature single and multi-table tournament events, including Sit & Go, Shootout and Heads-Up tourneys with buy-ins as low as $1. Click on through to www.Get21.com to take advantage of a limited incentive, pre-registration buy-in.

    Bring up your comments about the site and game here or send it to [email]daniel@get21.com[/email]

    thank you


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