Splitting 10"s
  • If I split 10's and get Aces on each, are they paid as a Blackjack?
  • No, only the first two cards you are dealt can give you a blackjack. Although winning a split will make more money for you. But splitting tens is usually not advisable, its either going to be the wrong move or its going to bring unwanted attention to you if your a counter. On the other hand if you camoflouge your play with some other unconventional moves that don't give you too much negative variance you may be able to pull it off. I advise against it though unless your really skilled at counting and cover.
  • I think there are some foreign casinos that will pay blackjack when splitting tens and you get 10-ace but they wont pay blackjack when spliting aces. I remember that in either beat the dealer or in blackjack as a business them saying something about that.

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