• If you want to kill a good thing, make it personal.
    If you can't stand to be wrong, then don't sign in or post.
    There is no shame in being a lay person in blackjack. Go
    ahead, ask questions, but don't take responses personal.
    This forum can be a good thing or a very bad thing. Right
    now it's not too good and we run the risk of losing the
    remainder of our more knowledgeable players. So what
    will it be?

    I just thought it was time for someone to put this subject on the
    table and it's only my individual opinion based on observations.


  • Ray-
    Well said!
  • I agree 100%. This site reminds me of a new golf course I came across 2 years ago. It was beautiful and the developer spared no expense. Best of all you never needed a tee time because it was virtually unknown.

    After taking an interest in the game of BJ I visited many sites and many message boards. This is by far THE best. It is professional and welcomes newcomers to the game. I never felt ashamed to ask the simpleist of questions or deliver my "take" on a subject that was being discussed by extremely knowledgeable players. Where else can you actually ask a direct question about a few of the popular blackjack books....and gear that question to the respected author?

    Point being...Lets not cheapen this site. And to the experienced players that make this site what it is, I appreciate you, your insite and your contributions to this board.
  • It seems to me that 99% of the folks participating here are knowledgable about the game, or learning about the game from the more knowledgable ones. I've been here close to a year, and I've yet to see anyone of that 99% be less than civil to anyone else. From my view, there's only that 1% that seems to delight in personal attacks. At this point I write it off as laughable.

    I agree, if things were to get out of hand the board would suffer. But, I don't see anything but that 1% being a negative influence.

    My .02

  • Agreed, the vast majority here are nice enuff to help. Some don't answer to specific topics, and some throw their pre-conceived notions around looking for wizdum. I like it here.
  • Ray, another nice post. Nickels & others, glad you like it here. I think this is a good place for the newer players to ask their questions, without being made to feel stupid. There are many people with a lot of misconceptions about BJ. If they get jumped on (flamed) everytime they ask a question, they will just stop asking.... At some site's if you even mention the word "progression", look out. Here you can feel free to ask about it or any other questions you have. We have some pretty sharp guys here, Ray & Grifter, just to mention a couple. Walter & Renezy (respected authors) also drop by from time to time. So feel free to ask your questions, but if you don't like what someone else posted, send them a PM and don't post a reply on the board.
  • I've been to a few of the other free forums in the last few years, some made you feel like you wasted your time with basic Q&A's, some were snooty and haughty, and yet others were counter clubs in disguise.

    Many have changed for the better, as there are more people interested due to of all things the World Series of Poker, and the Travel Channel's relentless Vegas insiders travels. This is not the "dumbing down" of the game as much as it is the opening of it to a new group of people. A few other free boards realize this. Outside of Poker, 21 is the next best game IMHO.


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